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For those who don't know, I took my Dad, John Schulte, to the ER on Saturday, Oct 27, 2018. He had difficulty with bowel movements and urinating... a problem he's had lately from his prostate cancer spreading to his bladder. His health and energy also took a steep decline over the last couple weeks. He was admitted to Los Alamitos Medical Center.

Update on John Schulte

Emergency Room and Admission

The following things were determined at the ER on Saturday, Oct 27, 2018, and he was admitted that evening:

  • Oxygen: His oxygen level was low and he needed it supplemented with a direct oxygen feed
  • Hemoglobin: His Hemoglobin count was low, close to anemia
  • Creatinine: His Creatinine count was high, indicating kidney impairment or failure
  • Bladder: An ultrasound of his bladder only showed 16cc of fluid
      • He was placed on a foley catheter on Saturday with an irrigation setup to prevent the blood from clotting and to keep things <ahem> moving.

Since Admission

I was reporting on facts and figures and detailing the road to recovery... While certain factor's in Dad's health had showed improvement over the last number of days in the hospital, he was losing the battle on too many fronts. All of the doctors that factor into his long term options (oncologist, urologist, palliative care, hospitalist) were all advising Hospice. The treatment paths we were or would pursue became too severe for him to withstand. Dad's prostate cancer had spread throughout is body, severely affecting his bladder, his left hip, right knee, and entire back and ribcage. We can only guess where else it had gone.

Discharge, Hospice, & Death

Dad was discharged on November 8, 2018 and came home on hospice. We had quite a number of visitors, neighbors, and family pop-in to wish him for a few days. His health declined quickly, his needs for pain medications soared, and he succumbed to sleep and unconsciousness late Saturday, with just moments of being awake Sunday a.m. Dad passed away at 12:07pm on Tuesday, November 13, 2018. Following is a pic from Saturday afternoon with my wife and kids.

Memorial, Saturday, December 15, 2018

The memorial is set for Saturday, Dec 15, 2018 at 10am. Location is the First Baptist Church of Downey. Food and refreshments will follow at the gym. Looking to come? Please RSVP here.

This pic is of Dad and I from 10 (omg, 10?) years ago when I took the day off and we went to the Santa Anita Race Track. We had to dress up because he won tickets to the Turf Club at a golf tourney. When I was younger, we used to make family outings to the Santa Anita and Del Mar Race Tracks... especially when my grandparents were in town.